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Latest Projects

Project Type Bid Average Bids Category
Create PDF Using MPDF In PHP Fixed Price $241.67 USD 6 Websites IT & Software
Business Service Website Fixed Price $358.33 USD 6 Websites IT & Software
Android Face Detection APP Fixed Price $341.67 USD 6 Mobile Development
Game App Hourly $7.80 USD 5 Mobile Development
Wordpress Website Fixed Price $278.00 USD 5 Websites IT & Software
Creat A Awesome Designed Fixed Price $471.43 USD 7 Design
Design A Logo For My Company Hourly $8.67 USD 6 Design
Building A Reports Page Fixed Price $470.00 USD 6 Mobile Development
Craigslist Type Website For Charity Fixed Price $500.00 USD 6 Websites IT & Software
Logo Enlarged Hourly $7.83 USD 6 Design

Why People Choose Us

Verified Sellers/Buyers

We verify Sellers and Buyers from time to time to make sure all the transactions and work to be Genuine.

Escrow Payments

We are providing escrow service so that Buyers pay when work is done and sellers get paid for their service.

Support Team Work

Teams/Companies can bid the projects and award it to any of their employees to get it done. There is no restriction of getting work done by a particular freelancer.

Fixed / Hourly Jobs

We support both Fixed price and Hourly Jobs. Buyers can track the work being done by sellers/service providers using our tracking app.

Single or Team Payments

Teams can collect the payments for sellers/service providers in single account or individual accounts.

Only 5% Fee

We charge only 5% Fee for the payments and transactions done.

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ACQUIRE WORK is a Certified Freelancer portal where employers can post jobs for certified professionals, freelancers, designers, coders, programmers, content writers and more. Professionals can find unlimited opportunities to bid on relevant projects and earn. Employers can choose to select limited Quality Bids option to get only 5 Quality bids. Employers can save money through Request a Quote option while posting a project and get genuine project price from us.

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