Project: Proofreader
Job Summary
Project ID : AW1834 Planned Start Date : December 12, 2019
Project Insured : No
Per Hour Amount : $30.00 USD Status : Open
Attached Files : Average Price : $00.00 USD
Category : Writing Looking For : Freelancer
Project Type : Hourly Sub Category :
Country : United States
The proofreader and the copy-editor are in charge of making sure that the text of any product that involves writing (such as magazines, newspapers and books) is free of any errors, whilst ensuring that texts are engaging and accessible to the readers.

The right candidate will proofread and correct grammatical and spelling errors, while copy-reading involves looking at the work and fixing any problems with style and tone.

Copy-editors are usually hired by newspapers. Some magazines have copy-editors and proofreaders, too, but their longer production time allows for the use of fewer people to assess the articles.